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Last week, from two entirely different sources came the same message.  

Seth Godin, whom I refer to often, mentioned two different lists – one of all the things in your life that have gone wrong.  All the deals missed.  All the disappointments.  Then the other list: all the things that have gone right.  All the lucky breaks.  All the good times.  He challenged his readers to focus on the "gone right" list.  Because it IS a choice, and life is so, so much better when we focus our energy in that direction.

On that same day, Richard Rohr also referred to the choice of gratefulness.  His angle was different, but his point was the same.  When we focus on what we are grateful for, we experience God.

I noticed today, as I was driving, I looked to the side at something of interest, and immediately, my car leaned that way (I'm not all that great of a driver!)  And when I used to take riding lessons, the instructors would always say, "Look where you want to go, not where you are."  Because where you looked focused your energy and your center of gravity, and the horse naturally went there.  

Look upward and outward.  Inward at times, but always, with humility and thankfulness.  


PS.  I will be traveling for the next week, in and out of internet service … so I am not taking my computer and will not post until I get back.