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I am well familiar with the stressors that can occur when pursuing business success and personal excellence.

Hi, I’m Miriam, Owner, CEO, & Founder of Leave Better—

Many times, I felt bewildered as I tried to figure out the next step or skill that I needed to create change within my business and my sphere of influence.

However, I’ve learned throughout my own struggles and hiring my own coaches that meaningful change IS possible.

As someone who has fostered growth in others since 1985 (as a mentor within a global non-profit, then a licensed therapist, now a dual certified coach)—

My joy in life is to help successful, high-performing individuals continue to grow and develop—eventually channeling their success toward something greater than themselves. 

I’ve had it said of me – “You help people get so many wins!”

I feel pretty proud of this and would like to help you get YOUR wins  : )