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Men Talking

I work with powerful men.

Many of my clients own multi-million dollar businesses, which come with their own unique set of pressures and complications. It seems more difficult for powerful men to find an advocate for their growth—someone who really “gets” them in a context where they feel safe to share their reality.


Success is awesome, but it’s not without its challenges.

  • The extremely high performing men and women I have coached often talk about how difficult it is to always have to look strong and “together”—it’s not okay to show or feel sadness, depression or anxiety—yet, most of you do feel this more often than you’d like to admit.
  • Women typically have more supportive, non-judgmental friends than do men. These friends help them navigate internal challenges, although, I have found that the more successful a woman is, the more isolated she also can become. I find most successful men have no one to talk with where they can be fully real and not feel ashamed.
  • Once you reach a certain level of income, money can become a burden. Are you making as much as the guy ahead of you (and there’s ALWAYS someone ahead of you)?  How it it possible to have more than you can spend in a lifetime and still feel “less than” or insecure about your life?

I can be supportive and action-focused at the same time.

We will journey together without judgement