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Are you interested in

becoming part of the team?

Check for opportunities with LeaveBetter


We believe everyone deserves

to reach their next level

and win in

business and in life. 


What makes working at LeaveBetter so Amazing?

Hi, I’m Miriam, Owner, CEO, & Founder of LeaveBetter. 

Are you looking for opportunities with LeaveBetter?

Our team members Clients go home at the end of the day full of anticipation for their next day, because our culture is one of respect and high emotional intelligence, with opportunities to grow and be developed yourself. 

Are you passionate to help people succeed? Are you an intelligent communicator and self-directed? Then reach out to me here.

Our Team Members describe themselves as:

Passionate to Help People Succeed

We believe that our client’s success equals our success.  We also believe that there is a unique joy that comes from helping others.

Intelligent Communicators

We believe that emotional intelligence in our communication prevents complications that reduce moral and revenue.  It also contributes to an amazing culture.


We believe that high functioning adults do not need to be micromanaged.

What Will My Daily Experience

at LeaveBetter Look Like?



A standup meeting with the team

Strategizing your critical actions for the day

Do your best work

We Don’t Want Working at LeaveBetter Coaching


to be Just Another Job for You

We are on a mission to help others win in their businesses and life—and then use their influence for good in our world. If you work for LeaveBetter Coaching, you will learn about small business, customer service, philanthropy, teamwork, and most importantly, what it feels like to help others succeed.