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You’re proud you’ve come this far—And you know there’s MORE.

Coaching that Delivers Momentum  


Want Miriam to challenge your thinking in business and life?

You Know There Is More

You’re curious.

You’re optimistic.

You love to solve problems.

You care about our world. 

You’re successful,

potentially the strongest player on the team and yet …

Creating a good life and a successful business or career should not be mutually exclusive, nor a mystery.

Yet it’s easy to get trapped in the concept of “more.”

Here’s what I know about successful people:

—When it’s all about you, it is exciting at first, and then gets pretty empty over time.

—Being the leader (CEO, owner, etc.) means you are always under the magnifying glass of others—the pressure can be incredibly isolating.

—When you’re successful, it’s because of the team. When you’re not, it’s because of you and your decisions. Over time, that becomes exhausting.

You know you are ready for something different.

It may be your life or it may be your business / occupation that needs a tweak, but either way, you know that your mindset and actions are your current bottleneck—

And you’re sick of it.

Do You Know Your Why?

So many coaching programs are a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to self-development and business / occupational health.

Powerful coaching can take you from good to extraordinary.

You know you are interested in more than just revenue and status.

Why don’t you invest in yourself with coaching that is individualized and tailor-made for YOU and your life and/or business goals?

Become free to bring your unique genius in service of our world.

The Path to Getting Out of Your Own Way

Identify Roadblocks

Let’s spend time talking about where you feel stuck.  What is your vision for your future? What are your dreams?

Choose one of our products to help remove that roadblock.


Clarity then Action

With strategic coaching conversations, you gain clarity—both regarding what you need to change and how to arrive at your goals.

You’ll learn how to identify and address your negative voices. We’ll target next-steps that create movement. You’ll experience joy and pleasure in seeing your life expressed in new ways. 

Spread your Influence

As you experience success,  this spills over into good things for all the areas your life touches—your people and your planet.

Why Men?

As a certified professional coach, I work with both men and women.

Many of my clients own multi-million dollar businesses which come with their own unique set of pressures and complications.

Often it seems more difficult for men to find an advocate for their growth who really “get” them in a context where they feel safe to share their reality.

Success is awesome, but it’s not without its challenges.

  • The extremely high performing men and women I have coached often talk about how difficult it is to always have to look strong and “together”—it’s not okay to show or feel sadness, depression or anxiety—yet, most of you do feel this more often than you’d like to admit.
  • Women typically have more supportive, non-judgmental friends than do men. These friends help them navigate internal challenges, although, I have found that the more successful a woman is, the more isolated she also can become. I find most successful men have no one to talk with where they can be fully real and not feel ashamed. (And sometimes this is the case for women as well).
  • Once you reach a certain level of income, money can become a burden. Are you making as much as the guy ahead of you? Those with less expect you to pay for everything. Those with more—and there’s always someone with more … how it it possible to have more than you can spend in a lifetime and still feel “less than” or insecure about your wealth?

I can be supportive and action-focused at the same time.

We will travel to your destinations without judgement

head shot Miriam Gunn, business made simple coach

I am well acquainted with the frustration (and exhilaration) that can come from pursuing business success and personal excellence.

Hi, I’m Miriam, Owner, CEO, & Founder of Leave Better. 

Many times, I felt bewildered as I tried to figure out the next step or skill that I needed to create change within my business and my sphere of influence. 

I’m familiar with that frustration that is all too common with CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs.  However, I’ve learned throughout my own struggles and hiring my own coaches that meaningful change IS possible.

As someone who has fostered growth in others since 1985 (as a mentor, then a licensed therapist, now a dual certified coach), I am passionate about helping others create their dreams and add their influence to this amazing world that we share. 

Removing Your Hurdles

My joy in life is to help successful, high-performing individuals continue to grow and develop—eventually channeling their success toward something greater than themselves. 

People never feel better than when they experience breakthrough in their lives.

Strategic coaching increases your ROI, revenue, team functioning, company expansion and overall growth in your mindset. And then you use your influence to do something that scratches your itch for significance.

It’s all so good!

A few of the companies who have utilized

Leave Better Coaching.

Craftsmen Construction
The Wired Collective Logo

My Clients Report

“When I initially hired Miriam, our company was struggling with interpersonal conflicts and poor communication across teams.  With Miriam’s help, we instituted changes that eased / solved the issues, enabling us to collaboratively develop a global-leading simulation product.  Recently, we were acquired by ANSYS and are on the path toward even greater success.”

Brent Stucker

Founder / CEO 3DSIM (acquired by ANSYS), Park City, UT

Miriam helped me clarify the obstacles and changes I was navigating. She encouraged me to tap into my strengths, assets and energy as I explored opportunities I was pursuing. With a company of 500 + employees, there are many challenges. I appreciated having a coach who is fully committed to helping me be successful at every step of my journey.

Katherine Hansen

Founder / CEO Community Partnerships of Idaho, Boise, ID

Miriam asked probing questions that helped me come to my own best decision about what is good for my business.  With her help, I was able to significantly alter the structure of my company and I believe we are on track to take my business from $16M to $20M in the next few years.

Jan Miller

Founder/ CEO Stander, Cache Valley, UT


Here’s something you may find surprising—

I have a “no refunds” policy.


Because I want you to have had enough conversations with me even before you sign up for coaching that you KNOW this is something you want to do.

I used to offer a refund policy (no one ever took me up on it). But I think what that does is encourage people to play small.

I want you to play full out. To be committed. To KNOW that you are choosing you and plan on leaving it all on the field.

Still curious? Reach out an let’s have a conversation.

In my book, the answer is no, until it is an unreserved YES.