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In the 70's they blamed the Dobermans

In the 80"s they blamed the German Shepherds

In the 90's they blamed the Rottweilers

Now they blame the Pit Bulls

-When will they blame the humans?     –Ceasar Millan


I met a super nice Pit Bull at PetSmart today.  A beautiful, massive, solid tail-wagging dog.  I gotta be honest though – his owner was cold, intimidating, and prickly.  I honestly wondered how he came by such a nice dog, because he certainly wasn't role modeling it.

As Ceasar alludes to, It's pretty easy to assign fault to everyone else but yourself.  And dogs aren't really the issue I'm talking about here.

Sometimes, others may be the problem, but you allow it to continue. 

Taking responsibility for your choices and actions is the work of an adult; it takes huge effort, energy, and intentionality.  Don't make excuses.  Take ownership.  Make changes.