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My son exclaimed "This is one of the best days of my life!"

When I asked him why, it was because he had accomplished several of his goals in that one day.

Blocked goals are possibly my single-most source of frustration / depression.  And an aspiration realized usually becomes very sweet for me.  Apparently, the apple did not fall all that far from the tree, at least in this respect.

So we know from all the "goal gurus" that these aimed-for trajectories should be specific, have a time frame, and be within the realms of reality.

I have to say, most people live much of their life on auto-pilot.

What do you want from your life?

I am not talking about material things.  

I challenged a friend to write a list of 50 things that she wants.  

A few from her list were impressive:

I want to be heard when I speak.

I want to be valued.

I want to live in peace.

I want my children to love God.

I want to be free to act out of genuine desire, rather than guilt.

I want to stop trying to make everyone happy; I'd like to let them own their own happiness.

I'd like to see a narwhal in the wild.  (!)


I love these – they seem worth pursuing.  Some of them will need more specific sub-benchmarks to really be effective, but that's okay.  She can do that.  And, while you can desire that someone else feel a certain way, it can't really be a goal, because you are not in control of them, only you.  Yet, none-the-less, I find her desires intriguing and inspiring.  And it makes me ask:            

 What do you want?