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A friend recently shared a line from a song:

"We are just all walking one another Home."

And her comment/ question to us (as there were several of us there): 

What does this mean to people who have no frame of reference for God?

It was a question worth asking, especially as she knew the artist did not openly profess any faith.


What is Home for you? – not little "h" – where you live, your family, the familiar surroundings.  I don't even think the composer meant medium "h" like your values or your friends.  It seems to me the artist was speaking capital "H" Home.  The place your soul recognizes as Belonging.  Acceptance. Recognition.  You are Welcomed.  In.  

While I cannot comment on any other faith tradition, I can comment that this is exactly what Jesus set out to do (and accomplished) – He created a way for us to come Home into the Presence of God.  And there, because of my relationship with Him, I am Welcomed.  Invited.  Desired.  I Belong.  

I am Home.