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In the movie "The Incredibles," one of the characters (Violet) has among other things, a spherical force field super power .  

I believe each of us also has such a force field – we use it to push back our emotions when things are really stresful.  Some people have larger, stronger buble's than others … this comes over time with use – even Violet had to practice!

The thing is, these fields require energy.  Sometimes tremendous amounts.

Here is an example … you receive bad news, but also have to go to a social event where it would be inappropriate to share your news.  You use the bubble to keep the bad from leaking out into the party.  Later, when you get home and "let down" you wonder why you are so fatigued.  It was keeping that emotional force field in place.

Another example … you are at a friend's house whose children are little terrors – I experience this a ton at our kids choral events – for some reason, there are always lots of fussing children there.  I have to use my emotional bubble to push out their noise and to focus on my child's performances.  And also the sphere has to hold in all my irritation.  When I get home … you guessed it – I'm trashed.

I used to get down on myself for having such a low tolerance of people or noise or aggravation … and then I started looking at what I was either holding in or keeping out.  Usually, it is / was something substantive.  

And that takes strength.

When you have to use your Violet Bubble a significant amount of time, be kind to yourself.  Conserve where possible.  And look for ways to give yourself some spaces where you can "deactivate."  You'll thank yourself in the end.