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I have a friend who trains horses and he often refers to "Try" – he wants a horse that will make an attempt for him.  It doesn't matter that they are successful or that they do it well, just that they show some small effort.  Over time, that honest activity will become success.

Over the weekend, I introduced someone I love to the notion of trying something new.  She was visiting and I requested she bring her viola to "jam" with.  Now, generally, "jam" is not the word that comes to mind with a stringed instrument!  I asked my daughter to put on some popular music that we all knew and then we just messed around.  What my "extra daughter" did not know was that she could intuitively pick out the key and harmony from any song.  I knew she could do it, yet she had never attempted this before.   My son joined us, so we now had a bass voice, a soprano, a viola, a cello, and the original artists, blasting.  I gotta say, we sounded awesome.

It's pretty amazing to create magic you didn't know was within you.

Furthermore, it is  intoxicating to know someone has a gift and then to help them express it.

This is what we bring to one another: our magic, and our bringing forth.  

Do both of these consistently, and you will love your life.