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I have animals.  LOTS of animals.  And they can get expensive.

The other day, I was talking to God about how to pay for the things that they need … I was mostly just musing, not really stressing, but I did sort of say, "How are we going to do this, God?" (Because I feel like it was mostly His responsibility to provide in some way – you know – He "cares for the sparrows" and all that).  

Anyway, that very day, I had an animal-helper-type-person suggest a trade: something I could do, for what they could do.  No exchange of money; just swap skills.  Like in the olden days.  

Sometimes I have to think about things, but occasionally, it is so very clear: do it.

So I said  YES!

Trades are pretty awesome – and more possible than you think.  You just have to be open to them.