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If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

So an official apology for the ads that come with the blog.  I am working on remedy-ing that.  I've been reading quite a bit about business ethics – how for some it is all about money and for others it is about bringing something of value to the customer AND making money.

It seems you can offer a service at an entry level and please your customers so much that they WANT to upgrade, and then, conversely, you can make the entry level so unpalatable that they almost HAVE to upgrade.  The first feeling breeds loyalty and the second, resentment.

So the company that sends you my blog is tied to the blog host – they are all sneaky and made this partnership – kind of like when you play monopoly with your buddies and then find out your friends have made all sorts of deals with each other while you were in the bathroom.

So, because, while I am in love with technology, I am also intimidated by it sometimes and this made me not shop around, I grabbed the partnership because it was easy (which, of course, is what they intended).  Then, the naughty feed people gave me a free trial of the premium service, forcing me to downgrade at a later time, to avoid the premium prices.  (Of course, they didn't tell me what the premium service cost and trying to find anything on their web site feels like hacking through a thick jungle).  I finally managed to downgrade, with the help of the stellar online chat people … who neglected to tell me that as soon as I downgraded, they went away like the fun out of 2 day-old-heilum balloons.

So … now I find I have this CRAPPY feed service full of unwanted ads and I cant get anyone to tell me how to fix the problem, tempting me to upgrade out of sheer frustration, which is exactly what the company wants.  How do you think this makes me feel about them?

Pure HATRED. If I knew how to get someone else to do it without making all of you re-subscribe, I would do it in a heartbeat. Do they really think I will be singing their praises to others? Referring other business to them?

Not so much.

And, not a good business model.  

Bring value to those around you, and they will remain loyal at all costs.

Bring hassles, and they will curse you.  Yes, FeedBlitz, I'm talking about you.