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Dr. Mike Van Theilen on a healthier you

Three Steps to a Healthier You

Three steps to a healthier you—Everyone is always looking for ways to become a healthier version of themselves. Dr. Mike Van Thielen gives some advice on the LeaveBetter Podcast with Miriam Gunn. How to get there, how to stay there, how to optimize. With his education in holistic nutrition, Dr. Mike provides ways to regain control of your health and become a healthier version of you. He also shares information about Biohacking and how it contributes to these three steps:

Step 1: Balance your Body

Step 2: Optimize Your Health

Step 3: Maximize the Benfits of Biohacking

balance your body for a healthier you

Step One: Balance Your Body

Your Normal

The first step to balancing your body is to find your “normal.” We want to find the place where you are not in any pain, and you are able to reduce the medical conditions you may currently have. According to Dr. Mike, there is one cause of disease and there is one solution. You have to find that solution. To do that we have to look at the bigger picture.


Toxemia encapsulates all the toxins in our blood that may contribute to us feeling fatigued or lethargic. Dr. Theilen feels you need to keep the toxemia in check by decreasing the intake and exposure to toxins, while increasing our intake of nutrients that fight damage. “You want to increase our intake of nutrient rich foods and decrease our intake of foods that don’t contribute to our health, like foods with a high sugar content.”

Dopamine Overload

We also need to balance our hormones. Dopamine is the reward hormone, and makes us feel good. However, because of sugary foods, social media, and other distractions, we can have a dopamine overload. 

This causes the rest of our hormones in our body to be unbalanced. This can cause fatigue, lathergy, and brain fog. Because we feel tired and lethargic, we reach out for sugar, coffee, energy drinks that helps us feel that dopamine. It becomes a viscious cycle. We need to become aware of what is causing the fatige and the brain fog, and work to eliminate or reduce it.

Eliminating Fatigue

Create an envrionment for you to focus on what you are doing. Create a system that works for you, you are the expert on what works for you. If you are working, set a time for 20 minutes and after that timer goes off, give yourself a 5 minute break.

There are different supplements that can balance your hormones and help you be more focussed.

Try different techniques and see what works best for you, where you are at, and what you are doing.



optimize your health for a healthier you

Step 2: Optimize Your Health

Your Freedom

We have the freedom to choose a healthier path. Our body and mind respond to things in so many ways, but we have the freedom to choose our response. “We have become slaves of choosing the wrong response,” says Dr. Thielen. This is the first step of optimizing our health, choosing our response to a positive, non-addictive response.

Once you practice turning those unhealthy habits into healthy habits, you feel less fatigued, and have more energy. You start becoming addicted to not feeling fatigued and feeling full of energy and vitality.



healthier you



Once we start trying to change those unhealthy habits to healthy habits, it can be hard to persevere and get to the point we want to go. It is about longevity. it comes down to sleep, exercise, nutrition, and then supplementation.

These all feed into each other in a positive way or a negative way. Those are the basics that we want to start with and maintain consistencey with.

Where are you at in your life right now?

Take a second to slow down and really think about where you are at with the basics, and that will help you find out where you need/want to go next and what habits you want to change.

Changing the Habits

There are three steps to changing your habits:

1. Knowledge: What is the problem? Where is the problem coming from?

2. Acquiring the skills: Skills are necessary to change the habit.

3. Be Willing: if you aren’t willing to work hard, you aren’t willing to change the habit. It can only come from you. No one else can do it for you. Find why you want to change the habit and that will   help you persevere and get through the tough spots.

biohacking for a healthier you

Step 3: Maximize the Benefits of Biohacking

Biohacking Explained

Biohacking is just what it sounds like—We have access to technologies, techniques, and compounds that can objectively reverse your biological age.

There are a lot of benefits that can be seen from biohacking. However, in order to see that success, you have to regain control of your health. This is why this is step three, rather than step one.

You cannot maximize the benefits of biohacking without first balancing your body, then optimizing your health.

Many of the techniques go back to the foundational things of sleep, nutrition, exercise, and supplementation.

There are many things that you can do with those basic things, that don’t cost money, and don’t take a lot of work. For example, cryotherapy, using cold temperatures to promotes muscle healing and reduce inflammation, doesn’t have to be something you go and pay for. You can do it in the tub, or by taking a cold shower.

Dr. Thieln also takes biohacking compounds that work to promote biohacking. There are many different things you can do.


Remember, success comes little-by-little and every small increment counts!

If you set those little steps, you are going to be able to achieve your big goals. You won’t get there with big steps.

Find your why, and remember it while you are taking the three steps to a healthier you.

You CAN do it if you have the will power to try. Small steps in any healthy direction.

To learn more visit Dr. Mike’s website, biohackingunlimited.com


healthier you

Photo credits: Photo by Vitalii Pavlyshynets on Unsplash, photo by Braňo on Unsplash

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