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I recently completed a training for a new modality of therapy, which, of course required me to do "practice sessions" with the other trainees, both as the therapist and also as the client.

Without getting into all the details of how this modality works, at times, the processing gets "stuck" and one of the interventions utilized is to invite an ally into your internal world to help the processing shift.

I saw how powerful this invitation can be, when I was in the client chair and found myself completely unable to move forward.  The practicing therapist had already tried several other interventions, to no avail.  The supervisor asked about requesting someone  I trusted and someone and who felt safe into the mix. 

It was nothing short of amazing – within seconds of asking this person into the scene in my head, the picture / movie of what I was working on became "unstuck" and there was a good bit of resolution that occurred.

People who are in your court, who have your back – they are so much more  vital that we can even imagine.  This holds true, whether in real time, or in your mind's eye. We need each other.