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Friday night, I watched "Captain Phillips."  Can I just say:

A)  I love Tom Hanks – a phenominal and amazingly versitile actor.  I can only hope to be as successful in my field as he is in his.

B)  I cannot remember the last time I experienced a movie that kept me tense through the whole film (once we got past the ten min intro … which, actually was pretty poor – not into the shaky camera style).  I actually was stiff after the movie was over, from clenching so much of me.

**C)  I am SO grateful I live in America.  You know, people criticize the United States for so many things, but I gotta tell you … spend some time in Somalia and then see what you think about the USA.  The 2 hours in the movie were more than enough for me to see how difficult life there must be.  On the one hand, this movie is a true story about the good guys beating the bad guys.  Yet in the opening scenes, you understand why the bad guys do what they do.  At one point, Hank's character indicates to the pirate captain that everyone has bosses; everyone has choices.  And the pirate replied, maybe in America, but not for me.  People do crazy things when they are desperate.  

Our country is amazing and we enjoy unprecedented freedom.  And I, for one, after watching this film, have a new appreciationan for that.