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Practice random acts of kindness, and senseless acts of beauty. 

It sounds good doesn't it?

Dallas Willard, in the Divine Conspiracy, challenges this (and other such popular sayings)

He disparages the saying and asks instead:

"What if you 'practice routinely purposeful acts of kindness and intelligent acts of beauty'? (italics mine)

He says our world has degraded to where what is truly profound is seen to be trival or boring and what is trivial appears to us as the profound.  He says we are flying upside down.

When I see professional athletes being paid with so many zeros and we can't get decent teachers to stir up the minds of young people, I think he's right – we're head-down on a lot of subjects.

Or literally millions of pets being euthanized yearly, and a similar amount being created through irresponsible breeding …

Or land being gobbled up by lonely condominiums that stand empty, along with vacant office space … 

Yes, we are end over end, upside down.