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When your days are numbered with someone (because you are on vacation or they are visiting, etc) you tend to be more intentional with your time.  

We've had all summer to do various things, and now Jessica is leaving for school in two days and we are trying to fit in the last minute stuff.  Although I do have to say, we did accomplish many of the things on both her list and mine  - lunches at new eateries, a couple of shopping trips, fostering the puppies, painting the house.  And yet, there are still things undone, yet to do.  They will have to wait for the next time we are together.

It takes quite a bit of energy to stay focused every day …  If you let down for even a second, sloth takes over.  Entropy moves in.  We become relationally fat and lazy.  Like our cat.  

That's ok too. Everyone needs a few flubby days here and there.