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When to give up and when to push through …

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It seems there are quite a few places in life that are repeated thorns in our flesh.  We try and try and try.  Only to be blocked, stymied, foiled.  Failed.  Discouraged.

This evening I exclaimed to my husband about something that finally worked.  He asked if really, there were that many things that weren't working.  I rattled off an incomplete list of over ten things.  He mentioned that he was sorry he asked!

The day started out with the information of recurring cancer in a person I care about.  It is aggressive and his remission lasted eighteen months.  He has lots to live for, so he will pursue treatment with a hearty vigor; yet I had to wonder, when do you say enough is enough?

I have a tenacious spirit, for sure.  For years, I had a photo on my desk of a rock face with a river flowing through it.  It said something to the effect of : The water wins, not by strength, but by sheer perseverance.  This is me.  

But sometimes, I get tired of persisting.  It takes a ton of energy and it feels so risky.  Like what if, in the end, after all  this, I lose anyway?  

I wonder how many of us struggle with this fear?