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There are some surprises that I hate: 

Birthday parties, unexpected charges or proceedures, out of town visitors.  I just like to know about that stuff before it happens, and then I internally adjust my expectations, and I'm good.

There are, however some not anticipated things that are pure bliss:

-Finding money in a coat that was left and forgotten last season.

-Discovering a new movie you had no idea was out there and now you want to see it (this is what motivated the post – just discovered "Tim's Vaneer" – it sounds totally thought provoking on several levels.  I will let you look it up yourself."

-Order a dish at a resturant and having it come beautifully presented and having it taste exquisite.  This is especially true if this is the first time you have been to the resturant.

-Having someone give you something unwarrented and unmerrited; a gift for no reason, a place in line that is closer to the front, the last seat, ticket, cookie.

I'm on the lookout and wondering what will surprise me today … tomorrow … Enjoy your small unexpected moments.