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 Sometimes, after reading my e mail, I will check out the news blurbs that yahoo has on their home page.  While I don't try to avoid the news, I have to say, that generally, I don't pursue it much either,  primarily for reasons such as I just experienced. This is some of what I read today:


Foiled plot to gun down three officials and and as many students as possible in Pasadena, CA.

Quintuplets all go to college in Texas.

Grisly video of journalist being beheaded by Islamic Millitants.

Is beef good for you or bad for you?

Huge waves awe and intimidate people in Figi.


I cannot handle the diversity of these topics.  

It used to be that when something terrible happened (beheading), all the networks only had one story.  They played it over and over, examining every little detail, almost ad nauseum.  But, because it was everywhere, on every channel, there was a sense of unity.  It was all anyone talked about, because it was all people saw and we were all horrified together.  But now, it seems that everywhere is talking about everything … and consequently, we pause on nothing. This makes me tend to feel nothing.  Because I don't know what to feel.

A quote from one of my favorite movies (Sabrina):  "Sometimes more is not better; it is only more."

I wish there was more emphasis on things that were important, with a consice call to action that would allow us to feel less helpless.

BTW, despite the stupid juxtaposition of the news blurbs I read today, I do feel heartbroken for the family who got to watch their living son being cut into chunks of dead flesh, on video broadcasted to the world.  No one should ever have to experience that, let alone have it shared with the whole planet. Humanity (if I dare call it that) is so broken.