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Today I witnessed a most curious event, which I feel is somehow filled with import and deep meaning, yet, not entirely confident of said significance …  I will encourage you to draw your own conclusions and interpret this as you wish.  I will, however, humbly offer up a few of my own ideas on this matter.

Earlier, I saw a 6 pound male duck take on a 1,400 pound horse and drive him away from a water tank in an effort to keep him away from his woman (a female duck).

From this, I believe that we can learn:

A)  Sometimes your courage can outweigh your intelligence.

B)  It is not your size or strength that determines your fate, but rather the force of your will.

C)  Springtime brings out strange behavior in males.

Use this as you will to enrich your heart toward greater courage, determination, and enjoyment of Spring today.

See below, our hero, with his lady in the foreground, stage right. And our antagonist on the left.

IMG_8071 IMG_0812