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Self-Improvement: Succeed at Being You

Everyone is looking to succeed whether that is in their career, in school, or at home. Wherever you want to find success, there is one essential thing that is needed. You need to understand who you are, where your limits lie, and where you want to go. Elisabeth Galperin gives us guidance on mindset shifts, communication, confidence, and envisioning the future. These tips direct you to succeed at being you!

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Mindset Shifts


Thoughts are very powerful things that can inhibit us or help us. We have millions of thoughts every day. Some good, some bad, so neutral. Changing your mindset begins with your thoughts. Just because a thought exists, doesn’t mean that we have to believe it or allow it to stay in our heads. Journaling can be a huge tool for changing your thoughts and your mindset. Journaling is very powerful in taking a thought and making it concrete on paper. Use “I” statements to put yourself in the identity you want, and write it down. This makes it a more solid idea. Spend time with your thoughts and you’ll learn a lot. 

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Don’t Stop

There are so many people out in the world and there are so many good ideas! You don’t know where something might lead. Don’t let that stop you from venturing out, taking risks, and trying out new ideas. Spend time imagining and envisioning what success looks like and where you want to go. Creating the big picture and having the vision is what gets you there quicker.  In order to have a legacy, build your business to it’s full potential, and have an imeasureable impact you have to think big!

Be Intentional

You have a lot more control over who your future self is. Be intentional with your time, with your energy, with those you interact with. They will all have an impact on how you can create and envision your future. We can do more than we think. We can fill in the map for ourselves. It is not going to go exactly according to plan, but its easier to have a plan and experience some detours than to just have a map of the unknown and see where life takes you.



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Self Communication

There are certain principles that hold true no matter where you are in life. Whether you are a multi-millionaire or live below the poverty line what you tell yourself matters. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are terrible at this or bad at that, then you are going to start believing that, and your success is going to be hindered. Where you look is where you go, and what you tell yourself matters. Working to create those positive thoughts and looking toward where you want to go will help you reach success, whatever that may be for you. Changing how you communicate with yourself, changes the result of where you go.

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Responding to Criticism

How do you communicate with others? Communication with others is an important factor when it comes to changing our own habits, adopting new strategies, and trying to run your business in a more successful way. You need the support of others around you so that you are able to make that change.  Often you will be on the receiving end of criticism, pushback, as well as positive and negative feedback. The way you respond to that is key to maintaining good communication between you and others around you. We don’t know what is going on in someone else’s world or mind. If there is criticism, we may only see it on the surface. Their words usually carry some weight and more meaning that we can’t see. Recognizing that the words someone uses has more to do with them than it does with you. Instead of shutting down or wanting to hide, be curious. Allow yourself to ask a follow-up question, and allow them to explain where that is coming from. That takes courage, and it is uncomfortable, but when we take that extra time to uncover what is actually going on, we create that safe space for people and it encourages better communication.

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Where to Start

Envision the Future

If you look back at the past 10 years, you would realize how much you have grown and progressed. However if you envision 10 years from now, you may just see yourself as an older version of you. However you could grow just as much as you did that past 10 years in the future. This is a mind blowing concept for people. Throughout the early part of our life, we are given this roadmapon where we should go, attend school, go to college, go to graduate schoo, get a job. At some point the plan ends, and we may not know where to go. You have the power to decide where that map takes you next. Envision what you want to be doing, and who you want to be and it will help you write that map.


Control is something we all want to have. There are many things that we don’t have contorl over. This is something that we have to learn how to cope with. We don’t have the control as much as we want over other people’s thoughts and beliefs. The measure of our success should not be whether or not everyone is happy with me all the time. 


That is an impossible expectation to maintain or reach. The measure of success needs to be “did I do my best?”. This is a powerful mindshift.  We have the most command over our own thoughts, our own actions, our own beliefs, and our own responses. Check in with yourself. If you are content with what you contributed and how you showed up, that is a great way to measure yourself.

Be Proactive

Being proactive is key to maintaining yout success. Find the objective you want to acheive. For example, if you go into a meeting with the objective of being right, you are going to be dissappointed and hurt because not everyone will agree with you. However if you go in with the objective being able to move forward and find what works best for the company or individual, you are going to come out feeling productive. Set those goals, decide what the objective is so you are able to manage your own expectations and be productive rather than feeling hurt or disappointed.

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