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            Did you know that there is a world-wide labyrinth finder?



And, in fact, should you choose to utilize this link, you may be surprised to find a labyrinth near you!  I was quite astonished to find one in a little-nowhere town just miles from us.

So here's the deal: you may be saying, "why do I even care?" – and you may very-well-not care; yet, I find it fascinating that there is this whole world out there of labyrinth enthusiasts.  I have a passing interest in them, only because they were important in the early history of Christianity as a tool for meditation / prayer / contemplation.  And, actually, they're pretty cool looking.  But aside from these stellar reasons, I just love that I "stumbled" onto this world.  Mostly just because it is fun.

Be curious.  


Enjoy what you find.