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So I have this grandiose plan for a studio that will function both as a place to create art, and also a location to write.  It has a fireplace and a two leather chairs and these amazing huge white boards that slide on tracks near the ceiling so that they can overlap or be side by side, as need be.  These are places to note flexible, large ideas and the process to bring them to realization.  Sigh.  In my dreams.

I realized today that so many of my ideas are waiting for this space.  Waiting, falling through the cracks, losing momentum.

So this weekend, I scaled down to a realistic size:

I bought two poster boards to tape to my closet doors.  I will use sticky notes so that I can move ideas around.  Ghetto, yes, I know.

I haven't given up on my studio, but really, who knows when I can pull THAT off.  Certainly not in the near future.  

My poster boards are not glamorous.  But they let me START.  Which is way better than not beginning.

My personality type has a healthy (unhealthy?) dose of idealism.  I tend not to want to have any part of something if it isn't done right (Go big or go home).  But if you talk to any investor, they say, "It doesn't matter how big or small.  Just start, and then do it consistently."

So this is my small investment into my writing future: two $0.49 poster boards. And a pack of Super Sticky notes [some of which are like little stars  : )] And a sharpie.

Who knows, perhaps Rome was founded in such a way … except they used "stone stickies"      : )