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I try to keep my e-mail inbox down to once screen – that way, a) I know things are getting taken care of, and b) I don't lose them before they're taken care of.  It is somewhat difficult to keep the messages to one screen, however, because I keep several as memory-joggers – to help me keep present things I wish to stay focused on.  

The title of one is : "Thinking Lifetime – don't break the chain."  It is about remembering that relationships are long-term (or at least could be) and to not allow short term issues to destroy long-term gain that comes from dealing the the now-angst well.

The subject line of another I keep is: Deconstructing Generosity.  It reminds me that being generous of heart and spirit and resources is where it's at.

Perhaps my favorite I will reproduce here:  

This is from Seth Godin …


"How do I get rid of the fear?"


Alas, this is the wrong question.

The only way to get rid of the fear is to stop doing things that might not work, to stop putting yourself out there, to stop doing work that matters.

No, the right question is, "How do I dance with the fear?"

Fear is not the enemy. Paralysis is the enemy.



 How do I dance with the fear?  That's my ongoing question.

Good things for me to keep in my inbox and see everyday.