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I spent an evening with wonderful friends recently enjoying amazing, engaging conversation.  Part of what was so unique and refreshing is that we develed into what I call "level 4 communication."  (1-weather, 2-interesting facts, 3-your opinions on various topics such as politics/religion, etc, 4-things about you as a person that are fairly close to your heart, 5-the deepest things of your soul).

While we all took turns talking and hearing from one another, there seemed a disproportionate amount of time focused on me, in the form of these level 4 questions.  The thing I found so helpful about all of this is that I actually had quite a few questions of my own bouncing around inside me, and my friends' inquiries helped draw them forth.

Their act of being curious helped me give words to the swirling thoughts and actually clarified some ideas for me.

Years ago, I read a book entitiled, The Art of the Question.  It was a somewhat scholarly read, yet valuable to me, in that it illuminated how our questions are underscored by our worldviews.  Certain kinds of questions close off thinking (yes/no, jugemental inquiries) and other kinds open it up (listening type questions: How do you see this playing out in your life?  What are your thoughts about …)  

I am so fortunate to have such interested and interesting friends who encourage me to pursue my answers and also spur me on to ask perceptive and thought-provoking questions of others as well.  

What kinds of things are you asking others these days?