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A quote from a TV show I am just now watching …

"To really be efficient, you have to cut out what doesn't work."

Last week we started pruning our apple tree (which required the purchase of a chain saw – YES! Been wanting to do that for three years!) This tree was quite overdue – last fall it produced a zillion small, bite-sized apples.  I knew then that the poor tree was over-extended.  It had way too many brances trying to produce.  So last weekend we gave it a massive hair cut.  We took out almost half it's growth … leaving some main branches in the front that we could reach from the ground.  At the time, I was wondering about my own life.  I recently made some drastic cuts in my schedule.  And, while it hurt at the time, I also simultaeously felt relief.  It needed to be done.  And, I believe my efforts in the areas I kept will now be more distilled and overall, better.

What do you need to cut out that isn't working, or that is keeping you spread too thin?