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I just saw a trailer for "We the economy" – 20 short films by big name folks designed to help us understand the more complicated aspects of our fiscal universe.

I promptly went to their website (wetheeconomy.com) … sigh.  They are available to the public on Oct 21.  Why advertise for something prior to it's release?  This is not a theater showing … it's available via the internet – so why tell me about it, but not let me have it?  This seems like a poor marketing move because a) it is annoying and b) by the time it is released, I may have moved on.

In a cyber world that doesn't necessarily afford return visits due to overloaded info-splurge (a word is just now made up), it seems like the best move would be to make it available and THEN tell me about it.

Sometimes, we get the order of things mixed up.


Like buying something before you have the money for it.

Like giving someone too much of yourself before you have a commitment.

Like saying you'll do something before consulting your calendar or your internal energy reserves.


Sometimes it doesn't matter, but sometimes, it DOES.