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Have you ever thought about how the things that really matter to you don't really stay consistent across your lifespan?  

Remember as a pre-teen how you had to have that certain toy; as a teen, that certain brand? And then one day, that brand was out and a new one was the "must have."

In high school, it might have been the "in" people that were a must.  In college, a specific belief or ideology might be what you used your energy to defend.

As I get older, the things are really care about become fewer and fewer.  

Sometimes I think this is a wretched shame.  Like my heart is growing old and callous and there is little spontaneous, vivacious life in it.

But at other times, I believe that this is a gift – this caring less.  I get upset with greater infreqency.  Less energy is spent bemoaning what I don't have or scheeming on how to get what I want.  It is quieter inside my soul.

Recently, we tried to watch a movie and the disc wouldn't work in the player.  There was a time where I would have been disappointed.  Now I just move on to the next thing.  I remember having lively "discussions" about certain convictions.  Often, my blood would boil at their wrongness and insentivity (I'm sure oblivious to my own shortcomings).  Now, it is rare that I will engage in a debate about anything.  The absolute most I might do is say, "Well, I can see your point, for sure, but I disagree."

What do I find myself figting for these days?

Keeping other people's chaos out of my daily life.

Caring for my animals .

Finding ideas that make me think and grow.

Nurturing my relationships.

Always having a "what next"

Maintaining a perspective that it is about  loving well God and others, not about doing a bunch of  guilt-induced hoop-jumping.

And always, without fail:

Talking baby  talk to puppies

Making sure I take time to listen to the rain on the roof

  Running outside to see sunsets, rainbows and broody clouds 

Grinning  like a six-year-old with delight when a plane takes off or lands

And screaming my head off on  roller-coasters.