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Last night we watched the Prince of Egypt out on the lawn.  Every summer we do an animated movie outside – its like Throw-back Thursday, only instead of a photo, it is a movie.

It was interesting to hear the comments from the now-adult-children.  One remarked how sad it was that the relationship between Ramses and Moses was so close and then became utterly broken.  Another talked about how the songs tore into your soul. 

Part of growing older is understanding about people's sorrow.  It is absolutely heartbreaking.  Yes, the wonders of Ancient Egypt were magnificent, but they were built at what cost?  Absolutely the freedom of the Hebrew people was miraculous, but how many paid with their lives for that?  

Beauty, Art, Freedom and even Perspective – all of these are precious.  And each is expensive.  

We honor individuals and history to recognize and remember this.