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I looked at dozens of Mother's Day cards … none of which were quite rang true, because how do you say:

"Mom, some of my absolute best attributes came from you; and so did some of my worst."

Mom's (and dads) are a mixed bag, due to an excess of humanity.

What I do know is that she did her best.  As a mom myself, I did (do) my best too.  And, looking back on it all, there's plenty of "I'm so glad I did it that way", and an equal amount of , "Oh, I wish I had done things differently."

Grace is what we need on Mother's Day. 

To say, "I know you loved me the best you knew how," and "I'm so grateful for a God who is into lavishing on us whatever it is we didn't get from our parents via Himself, other friends, our pets, etc."

My mom is awesome, but not perfect.  I screw up all the time, and am grateful for kids who are able to see beyond my screw-ups and enjoy me anyway.