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A young person recently asked if I would meet with her and basically help give her direction in some areas she is wanting to grow in.  I liked her boldness – she seemed hungry for input.  To be honest with you, I wasn't sure if I should agree to meeting regularly, as I am in the middle of some pretty big transitions and I feel guarded about my energy and time.  But after sitting with the notion for almost a week (and inviting God into the question), I agreed to spend regular time with this young woman.

I love that she comes with questions.  She remembers our meetings and is punctual.  Within a few times of connecting, she has volitionally chosen to trust me and share her story; or at least the dificult parts.  In short, she owns the process.

We were talking about how hard it is to grow when you don't know where to start.

And, what a difference it makes to have someone walk alongside you.

Don't ever think your presence doesn't matter to the equation.  It's easy to feel like somehow we are immaterial.  Yet, as I think of those who have walked with me along my path … those who have helped shape the me that I am today – they very-most-definitely mattered.  

They still DO matter.  

Many of you reading this are those people.  Thank you for your contribution to my life. 

And please, continue to give of yourselves … because what you bring is irreplaceable.  It's YOU.