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I feel that our vocabulary has taken a rather hard hit these days.  

When I was a young person, I read voraciously and it was not uncommon for my friends to ask me what I was saying.  Didn't do much for my popularity, but definitely helped on my standardized test scores.  Intrigingly enough, where I found my sylabic number plummet was with the advent of texting … which, btw, I adore.  Txting means I am brief and to the point … however, before multipage texts, when limited to 240 characters, I found myself using progressively smaller words and simpler phrases.  I do not tweet, because that would positively be the end of my ever declining and thinning use of interesting words.

For your pleasure, I will leave you with a few delightful, but rarely used words.




All three were used in an episode of a show I was watching.  Sacrosanct I knew, but I had to look the other two up!  : )