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I recently read about a young man who became a millionaire at age 27.  He didn't come from money or really even have anyone to model fiscal responsibility for him … He did, however, decide he wanted to save / earn $1,000,000 and he SET OUT to accomplish this.  Unwaveringly. (Is that even a word?)

The thing I found to be so inspiring about this is how he held his focus for about ten years.  And he accomplished his goal.

It is so easy to get distracted, to make excuses, to find reasons why you can't do "x." 

I had a friend tell me once that the obstacles I felt I had were more inside me than outside me.  She thought it was a matter of changing my thinking.  And by doing this, that would naturally change what I did, which would alter my context / circumstances.  She was absolutely right.  I only wish I could have heard her earlier in my life.

Furthermore, I wish someone had challenged me at 17 to try to save a million dollars.  I may not have made it, but I most certainly would have been farther along financially than I am now.  And who knows?  Perhaps I would have all those zeros attached to my name!  : )

PS  I am headed to a conference and will not post until next week …