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So somehow we got on the topic of killer bees and as I Googled them to see the latest, there was a moving map that showed when they first were seen in the US and then to date how far North they had marched. In a relatively short time, they have spread over several states. My takeaways from the conversation:

A) Praise God we have winters that get seriously cold – too cold for the nasty bees.

B) I really, really, REALLY hate insects in general and stingy ones in specific. I killed six budding nests already this spring and there's a massive one I just found in the barn that I am screwing up my courage to deal with in the near future.

C) The Africanized bees (aka killer bees) have a relentless, pervasive expansion North. A little bit farther each year. I'm sure most people said, "They'll never get this far" – I remember as a kid thinking, well, at least they won't ever reach my state. We're too far away. However, now they have arrived in the southern edge. So it makes me ask the question: What miserable habit is steadily creeping its way further and further into my life, taking over places I don't want it to?

It's the small bit of emotional landscape that is the killer, because it's easy to rationalize or say, "I don't do it that often" – yet when you are honest, you have to realize its more than you think. Here are some I've come up with on the spot:

I'm addicted to sugar, for sure.

I'd rather passively ignore the interpersonal issue, than deal with it directly and create conflict.

I keep thinking I'll deal with those extra pounds tomorrow.

I repeatedly expect I'll finish the details from some home projects (like the molding on several walls) the next weekend (this has happened for 4 years now, with few exceptions).

Each time I give in to these things, a little more territory is given over.  A little more of the me I wish to be is given over to the self-destructive me.  I need to find a way to stop the oozing North and take back some of the ground.

I did recently buy a very cool chop saw (miter) to finish all the places that are molding-less.  I thought it was going to be last weekend.  And then I thought maybe this one.  

Perhaps the next?   : )