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Can I just say this?  Shout it from the rooftops?

They are a NO DRAMA airline.  I need to change a ticket?  No problem.  I want to cancel one?  No problem.  They are reasonable.  They allow you to check bags without charging you for it and they are funny on the plane.  Their credit card buys me points which are easy to use.  Their website works.

I utilize them exclusively now.

This is the same story for a man who does some odd jobs around the house for us now and then.  And also for the person who helps us train our animals.  NO DRAMA.

Because yes, I am looking at do they know their stuff, and are they reasonbly priced, but I will pay more for less hassle.  

Because cost is not only the dollar amount.  Cost is energy.  And emotional conflict and complexity requires so much energy. Honestly, energy that I am unwilling to spend.

So … because you know me, and you know I am going to take this toward relationships, because this is what I do …

How much drama do you bring to the people around you?

(We all make choices, you know.)