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It week EIGHT of the non-stop constuction in front of our house.  They had steamrolled endlessly, creating a pavable surface and then the next day had the backhoes out there digging 5 foot deep holes in front of each house on the block.  Not sure if this was an oversight, or is that just how it's done?  

Today, they steamrolled in ernest.  Ginormous 18-wheelers full of gravel and sand that shake the house to the point that I wondered if things would fall off shelves … back and forth, starting at dawn and now just ending as dusk …

 I feel this tiny glimmer of hope.

Like the bit of sunshine that bursts through the dark clouds and illuminates the fall leaves … this little bit of cautious optimism has lightened my day.  It is entirely possible that they will pave this sucker by the end of the week, and I will be able to park in my own driveway once more.

One can only hope.