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I am traveling again, perhaps not as Spartanly as the previous trip.  Yet, I did make the decision to leave my computer at home.


Gasp, you say?

Yes, it's true.  This may be the worst decision of my life (just kidding) but I am leaving my beloved Mac home.

As I was thinking through my packing, I have this huge desire to be completely hands free.  I have a layover in one city and a three hour wait before I can join up with friends I am meeting at my destination.  Normally, I would want my computer to internectify … but I just don't want to have to carry the thing.  It's not that its all that heavy – a mere 4.5 pounds if remember the specs correctly.

But there is a lot on my mind these days, and it feels like I am already carrying too much on the inside; hence the desire to carry little, if anything on the outside.  

I have a 8" x 10" bag/purse/pouch/overtheshoulderthingy … it will hold a book, a journal, my phone, a pen, ear plugs, headphones and my ubiquitous Luna bars.  Perhaps some gum.  And three quarters.  For no reason other than it just seems like a good thing to bring.

If I could, I would bring NOTHING.  

But, alas, I am not that brave.