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I have been experiencing the “spinning wheel of death” of late.  (Of course, do you even have to ask?  I am a mac user!)

The sad fact of it all is that my hard drive is in it’s twilight years, and may not be with us for very much longer.

I tried a couple of things earlier; a software ‘clean-up’ program and an OS upgrade.  Interestingly, both of these things did not solve the problem, but rather made it worse.

Sometimes we try to dress up the externals – new clothes, home renovation, new relationship, etc.  But, if the issue is internal, those things are not likely to help.  And, they might just add to the disaster.  You have to deal with the DNA.  Heal the soul. Fix the heart. Mend the theology.  Reconcile the relationship.

If your core is having a breakdown, a new outfit doesn’t really solve the problem.