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Things can change in a moment.  

One minute, I was planning my afternoon.  The next, I was told that there was a gunman at my daughter's school and that he had shot six people.  He was apprehended, but for a while, the word was that thier might be a second shooter, so I didn't know how long that "alright" status was going to continue.

My daughter was safe due to the immediate lockdown of all the buildings; however, one young man died and another woman is in surgery even as I write this and four more will bear scars from this day for the rest of their lives.  Many of the students who are safe, will none-the-less struggle with some post traumatic stress as a result of this day.  And, I'm willing to bet, for many, memories will be cataloged as "before the shooting" and "after the shooting."

These kinds of events are game-changers for anyone who is close enough to them.

I can guarantee not one of those kids is worried about their studies right now.  In fact, what I heard is that most of them were out on the grassy commons praying for hours.

While it is pathetic that these types of things happen with such regularity these days, I can say I appreciate how these events immediately force people to re-prioritize.  

There were many phone calls between loved ones during the lockdown.  And many "I love you's" and some tears (on my end).

Because when life is threatened, you get really clear about what is important to you.