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A) Why can I not spot superfluous apostrophes until AFTER I publish the post?  My apologies for grammatical errors yesterday.

B) I pray often for God to cross my path with brilliant people I can learn from.  Here is my latest God-given coup:

Stanford Business School's You Tube 




This is a list of ten videos – I am referencing the first one (I have not watched the others yet – I got so excited about this site that I had to post IMMEDIATELY!).  Anyway, it is a pretty quick watch and the guy has a great accent.  Whether you are in business or not is irrelevant, because this talk is all about what keeps highly motivated and talented people from succeeding.  Trust me – it's worth your time.  And you will learn about the power of "NO."

I swear, if there is some little symbol of "no" like "ohm"  - someone fill me in.  I need to get some earrings or a tattoo with this.


I shout you from the roof tops.

You are my favorite little word.  

I promise, I will keep you close to my heart and honor your strength.

I love you, little 'no.'