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Several weeks ago, I ran across some interesting information about how high level executives conserve energy; namely so that they can pour their impetus into the things that they value most.  Several of the tips were intuitive (like limiting time on e-mail, doing your most difficult task of the day first, etc).  But a couple were not an "oh that makes sense" idea until I actually read them and thought about it.

One of them: Wear the same outfit, so that you don't have to make any decisions about what to wear each day.  Wow.  I have said this for YEARS.  The article listed several notables (whom I wish I could remember) – the one that sticks out is Steve Jobs – with his signature blue jeans and black turtleneck … I heard he had thirty of each in his closet.  

It is true, that standing-in-front-of-the-closet energy expenditure doesn't really seem worth it.  I wish I had the chutzpa to actually do this instead of just wishing to.  (I will say that none of the famous big-wigs were women … I don't know if we can actually get away with this.  However, I do own 5 pairs of the same jeans … lest you all think I am just wearing the same pair over and over! And by this, I have reduced my clothes-choosing energy by 30%!)

The other energy-drain reducer was to eat a very limited diet of similar foods.  Again, choices take effort.  (Generally, I tend to do this at restaurants – order the same thing once I find something I like – but I suspect this is more about fearing disappointment, rather than energy conservation!).

The thing I appreciate about both these ideologies / methodologies is that, like an ultra-light backpacker, shaving off ounces here and there, these people are so incredibly intentional as to why they do what they do.  They recognize that they are a limited commodity and they want to spend themselves on something they value.

And that, I can hold.