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If you are a business owner seeking to increase your focus and boost your business, chances are you have heard of the Business Made Simple program. You may have even enrolled in it and started to make the changes necessary to increase your business health. A common question that many entrepreneurs ask is, “Will hiring a coach help my business?” And more specifically, “Should I hire a Business Made Simple coach?” 

It’s also possible that you feel stuck or like you’ve hit a wall in terms of your ability to action what you know is necessary to move your company forward. Let’s face it—you know going it alone is both “faster” and “slower” at the same time. 

Perhaps you are considering hiring a Business Made Simple coach to help you on your journey.

Now the real question is:

Should I Hire a Business Made Simple Coach?


Let’s look at some common questions owners of businesses have and see if you come away with more clarity.

Who are BMS coaches and what do they do? 

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These engaging people have completed a certification program through BusinessMadeSimple.com. Their mission is to help business owners utilize the information that they have gotten via their BMS course subscription. 

While there are other coaching programs, these programs do not address the material created within the BMS platform. When you hire a Business Made Simple coach, you get a coach who understands the mechanics of business. This person truly desires to help your business succeed.

Let me back up a minute. If you are unfamiliar with Business Made Simple (BMS), here is a bit of history. BMS is a subset of StoryBrand, created by Donald Miller. StoryBrand puts out Business Made Simple Daily. These are series of emails designed to help growing businesses succeed and scale. In addition to the emails and classes, there is a coaching program, which is the focus of this post.

If you hire a Business Made Simple coach, will this actually help you grow your company?

The simple answer is “Possibly.”

Hiring a Business Made Simple coach can grow your business by helping you identify and take the steps that move your business forward. You can’t grow without a clear path and this is exactly what a coach helps you create. They will help you assess the various parts of a company. They will look at your marketing, sales, strategic plan, overall vision, mission statement, communication, leadership, etc.

When you assess and then address these components of your business, you are certain to find some areas that can be improved.  If you take action on these, your company moves along its trajectory, with positive change.

This in turn will lead to increased value within your company.

The only reason I said, “possibly” instead of a resounding “YES!” is that if you Hire a Business Made Simple coach, it requires a partnership between you and the coach. 

As both a therapist and a coach, I have seen many people who are willing to pay money and spend time but do nothing.  Talking can be useful to a point, but then you have to DO something.  You have to make changes.

Hiring a coach is not like hiring a contractor.  The contractor does the work for you.  A coach, coaches you as you do the work, making the decisions for your company.

If you take the time to assess your company and then make positive changes, your company WILL grow in the way it needs to.


What is the cost to hire a Business Made Simple coach? 

This is quite variable. Coaching can cost anywhere from about $3-10K / quarter. If you delve into the coaching realm, you can find all manner of packages and prices.

Some coaches sell their time by the session. Others sell by the quarter or year. Costs are often based on the location of the coach and the years of experience and training.

At LeaveBetter Coaching (Business Made Simple Certified), we sell our coaching packages by the quarter (or year for a discount).

Is hiring a BMS coach worth the money?

It can be.

This depends on what your company’s revenue is and whether or not you are poised to do the work. As mentioned above, coaching can further your business if you are willing to take action.

Other Coaches You’ve Had


If you think about when you were a kid and you took music lessons—your teacher was a coach. They gave you specific things to practice and you did (hopefully!) and then came back the next week for some fine-tuning and a new challenge.

Or think about sports when you were in high school. If you were lucky, you had a good coach who built you up and gave you specific instructions on how to get better. Well then, you already know how excellent coaching can further your natural abilities!

If you were one of those kids who never practiced and kind of blew your childhood coaches off, then it’s entirely possible that you will do the same with a business coach, in which case, it might not be worth the money.

However, people can grow and change and as someone who has been on the receiving end of some great inside out coaching, I know it revolutionized the way I think about business and it increased my bottom line exponentially.

At this point, you may be asking yourself “Do I actually need a business coach when I can just take online courses?” 

This is a great question! 

Many entrepreneurs are DIYers. We are inclined to simply do our own research via the web and move forward.

However, the downside to this that there is an overwhelming amount of material, and not all of it is good. 

It is also easy to get distracted—for example, to fall into you-tube sinkholes—because you have no one to be accountable to but yourself.

An experienced business coach helps you expedite your process, setting you on a path to your desired results in a more straightforward way. Here, there is built-in accountability.

Several times during my stints of receiving coaching I said, “Ugh! I have to get this done by tomorrow because I told my coach that I would have it done by then!” This moved my business forward more than you might think.

Another perk of working with a coach is the camaraderie and bond that you build during your journey. Why go it alone when you can have a knowledgeable professional in your corner?

If I hire a Business Made Simple coach, how will this make my company more profitable? 

Your coach challenges you to take those ‘next steps’ to create bigger, better products that you are able to charge more for. They challenge you to close the loop on things that have been left hanging. (Things like invoices!)

Have you been struggling with creating a new revenue stream?

Your coach undoubtedly has insights that you can discover together. Having a coach to work with helps you to see your company in a new way and flesh out ideas for increasing profit that may have been hiding in plain sight.

Simply put, as you develop a close relationship with your coach, they help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back. 

We all know: The path to profitability is not a straight line. 

A great coach understands not only this concept but will also be able to help guide you down a path with understanding and keen insight.

How are BMS coaches different from other business or life coaches? 

Business Made Simple Coaches are trained to work WITH the BMS classes and their ethos. This means that they are proficient in Business Made Simple systems and have access to an entire community dedicated to helping you grow your company. 

Not all business coaches can assist in your professional development the way BMS coaches can. This system is designed to create coaches who not only provide insight and problem-solving but are adept at recognizing the strengths, weaknesses, and subtle nuances that make your business different from others. This is not a “one size fits all” coaching solution, but rather a tailored approach.


In Summary:

You are considering getting a coach and you wonder if there is a difference—should you hire a Business Made Simple coach? 

Our answer at LeaveBetter Coaching is YES!

A BMS-certified coach can help remove those roadblocks that you experience inside of your business. They integrate the online material regarding communication, marketing, sales, etc with your own business and your own challenges. 

Yes, you can figure it out alone. But, why would you, when you can have someone help you and speed up the process? 

One last comment: people tend to think of the cost of coaching as a deterrent. However, I look at it as an investment. If you walk away with 2x or 3x or 10x of what you were previously making, then doesn’t the investment seem worth your time and energy? Or if they help you hire a better team (or remove people for a better team) isn’t this better for your bottom line?

With the right coach and also the right engagement from you, this increased ROI is what you could be looking at.


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If you are curious to know more, please contact me!

As someone who has been a therapist for over a decade and has been coaching people for over three decades, I am uniquely qualified to address your concerns.