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I interacted with someone recently who, to my face, was warm and seemingly helpful.  This was in reference to a sizeable purchase that I was considering making from him.  I was wavering, and so I invited another friend to help me with the decision.  Inbetween viewing one and two, the owner did something to hide an important flaw.  He might not have been caught, however, my friend got off work early and therefor arrived earlier than expected.  

Found out.

The owner knew.  My friend knew.  I knew.

At that point, I got pretty disappointed in humanity.  And, of course, I did not execute the sale.

I hate being suspicious; however, I feel like the general integrity of humanity has slipped significantly.  I remember the other day having someone do something honorable and I felt shocked. And then saddened that I was shocked. 

It's easy to criticise and find fault with this guy, yet, I myself have been guilty of subtle maneuverings to change the way things appear or even how I appear.  It's easy to shade things so that you come off looking better or the accident or failure wasn't quite as bad as it seems.  To make excuses.  And so much harder to say "This is my fault; I am responsible." Especially if you are trying to sell something. Extol the virtues, downplay the faults.  

So,  I am choosing to not be too disappointed in this man – I get his position.  But it propels me to strive for ever increasing integrity,  because I didn't like how it felt to be on the receiving end of such selfishness.