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I had a conversation with a friend today that has me thinking about the concept of dignity.

Dignity: bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect.

It was a difficult exchange, one  which  could have easily become defensive and self-focused, interested in self-promotion and self-preservation on both sides.  

What keeps running through my thoughts is the obvious care that both parties used to ensure that the other was hurt as little as possible.  There was bold and courageous honesty, and yet, at the same time, such sensitivity for the other's perspective and heart.

To me, it underscored each individual's self-respect and respect of the other.  It felt  sacred.  As if the interaction was somehow holy ground that we both were standing on.  

When the dialog ended, I felt honored to be exposed to and part of such finesse of communication and also proud, that I conducted myself in such a manner as to elevate the other, without in any way denigrating myself.

Oh that it would always be so.