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So I have been looking for this item for over a year.  A new one was way out of my budget and it seemed a used one could not be found in a three-state area.  Suddenly, in the classifieds, one came up for sale an hour's drive from me, at a third of the price (which was still costly enough to give me pause).  Two hours later, I called, hoping to go by the next day, as my evening was already committed.  The owners informed me that someone else was coming (from 4 hours away!) early the next morning.  In the background, I could hear the spouse talking to yet another person about this, now-coveted item.

In a moment, it became clear. Either I change two sets of already committed plans and I leave RIGHT NOW (and spend more money than I am used to wisking away); 


I weigh the options … I wonder if I really want this thing, I deliberate … and I lose it to 4-hour-guy.

It's really that simple.

There was a moment of feeling bad for distance man, because he had actually called first, and then chiding myself for "taking care of " someone I never met and never will meet … After getting the owners to grudgingly agree to hold the item for me for one hour, I made the decisive move and drove 50 miles, handed them the moola, threw said item into my mini van, and drove the returing 50 miles  home.

Never once did I wonder, "Am I doing the right thimg?"  For someone who usually has significant buyer's remorse and never even considers purchasing anything without endless, mind-numbing research, this was a huge departure from the norm.

I like it.  It feels very adultish.  There is something to be said for knowing what you want/ need and pursuing it.