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New interesting book to read: Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work; Chip Heath, Dan Heath

Ok. I have a confession to make.  I never buy a book now without reading the first bit on Amazon – if you choose the Kindle version, they don't even skip pages.  Anyway, I haven't actually read this book yet; I have only read the first few chapters!  

How can you go wrong with a chapter title like this: The Four Villians of Decision Making

These brothers posit that we silly humans do some things that pre-dispose us to making poor decisions.  Here they are: 

1.  Defining our choices too narrowly, to see them in binary terms.   Should I write in my blog today, or not?  versus "What would help me generate ideas?" or "What sort of things discourage me in reference to writing and how can I over come these?"  Something that opens up the focus rather than constricting it.

2. Confirmation Bias.  When we want something to be true (or false) we listen more intently to the information that confirms our desired stance.  Yes, it's true and very well documented.  No matter how impartial we think we are  :(

3.  Short term emotion really messes with our thinking.  (DUH.  I don't even have to explain that, because you all get it).   

4.  Overconfidence.  People think they know more than they do about how the future will unfold.  We have too much confidence in our own predictions.

Good stuff.  Perhaps I will actually buy the whole book and see what they have to say!! : )

Now I think many of us either agonize prior to the decision, or experience post-decision trauma with second-guessing ourselves.  But I have to say, during those rare moments when I am calm, informed, and then can make a good, sound choice with neither of the pre- or post- pain … it's good.  

It feels really good.  Like an Adult.

Funny, how we can be all manner of ages and still not feel grown up sometimes.  : )