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Have you ever noticed how much energy it takes to form a new habit?  

In the initial stages it's all new and the novelty itself affords a fair amount of impetus and drive.

But then …

                                … Entropy.

                                                                                                    Like slogging through viscosity,

                                                                                                                                                        each effort


becomes exactly that:




Which makes it easy to forget. Or become distracted. Or just choose not to do it.

Take flossing teeth, for example.

Or changing an eating pattern.

Saving money.

I think the key here, at least for me, is to remember that an individual failure is singular;  A one-time mess-up that doesn't reflect on my overall character.  It was just a tired moment where my energy to push into the new habit became MIA for the moment- but not dead.

There's been a lot going on recently and I haven't been as consistent with the Blog as I would like to be.  Sometimes I think about just letting it go.  

But then, I choose to remember why I am doing this in the first place, and then I say, "well, get back in the saddle and write something".

So here I am, 

writing.  : )