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We need to be connected.

My daughter is home from her first year of college … she has been home about four days and she says repeatedly, "I miss my people."

My son has left for a week-long camp.  It's rare for him to be gone from home and I feel his absence.

As I think of my various friends, each has a rhythm of their connection with me – for some, it is weekly, for others semi-annually, and everything in between.  When their particular interval is stretched, I feel it and I miss them.

Connection is like an appetite.  When I have the right amount with the right people, I feel satiated. When it is not enough, I become hungry. 

Part of living deliberately is knowing your connection needs and taking responsibility for them – it is not the other person's job to know when you need to be filled.  

This is your task:   To know yourself well, to invite others onto your path and to give them grace if they can't meet you where you are at the moment.