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It has started already.

I asked several of you, my friends, to read this blog and then to pass it on to others – with two caveats, two types of people that could not be included, for one reason …

Because if I know these two types of people are included, I will begin to alter how I write.  I will change either to please them, or more likely, to not disappoint them.

I begin to type ….. and then I delete.

Again I write … and then I delete.

How much courage does it take to say, "This is what I am feeling, experiencing, thinking” and let my words have whatever effect they have?"  

Some of us are diplomats at heart and are not very good at saying, "Actually, I totally disagree with you; I think you are misguided, and I believe you will wreck your life if you continue in this vein."  

I say, "Well, I can see your perspective.  I wouldn't phrase it that way, yet, you make some good points. I can empathize with your feelings." (all the while, simultaneously thinking the above, not-spoken sentiments).

Why are some of us so excited to stir up controversy and have a great discussion fueled by opposing views, and others of us (me) are interested in keeping the peace?  

Which one are you? Do you understand why?